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…on advancements in science

Ben Stein says…

And there hasn’t been much progress in Darwinism since [the life of Darwin]. – interview on Glenn Beck show, November 13, 2007

and Neil Purcell replies

Evolutionary biology has long surpassed Darwin’s initial work. Darwin is not a modern biologist. The evidence for evolution that has mounted since his passing is staggering. Ben Stein cannot simply pretend that the last 150 years of discovery did not happen.

and Ron Sutton replies

Ben obviously hasn’t read Richard Dawkins’s excellent book, The Ancestor’s Tale (New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2004), which provides a thoughtful, well-reasoned and complete presentation of our latest understanding of how evolution works and the evidence supporting it. Everything about life on earth, from its common basis in DNA built from the same four bases regardless of species to the terrifying development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in our own lifetimes, demonstrates the validity of the theory of evolution.